Building larger than life gaming experiences

Skill Nation is a mobile tech company at the forefront of innovation, delivering larger than life gaming experiences.

We are currently developing Overscore, a mobile social gaming platform.

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what we stand for


Evolve the mobile gaming industry for gamers and developers by creating state-of-the-art software, apps, and tools. We want to become the mobile social gaming platform through innovative solutions across the entire ecosystem.

what we stand for


To develop an inclusive gaming platform, designed to provide mobile users with a unique experience through socializing, improving skills, and competing across easy-to-learn games, events, and tournaments.


Our API evolves any type of game into a competitive skill-based social game. 


Build or join communities and play a key role in their growth and success, extending your alliances across the world.


Customize and create a place to call your own, a reflection of your dedication and hard work for all to see.

For Gamers

A mobile hub where all sorts of gamers can meet, compete and grow.


the team

Our studio culture values a healthy work-life integration. We understand the importance of a healthy balance when it comes to creativity nurturing. So we look for a good balance between working from home as well as from our cozy retro office in Amsterdam Sloterdijk.

Our passion for gaming is at the core of our products

Khaled - Managing Director

We are building a highly interactive gaming platform using unconventional but cutting edge tech. The "what if" is what drives us.

Milosz - Lead Developer

We are inspired by the retro arcade scene, where people would meetup, hangout and play video-games.

Victor - Art Director

Just as games had a profound impact on me growing up, I hope with the tools and tech we're building we can have an impact on the next generation of gamers.

Willem - Backend Developer

The challenge is to design complex conjugated systems that on the surface look and feel familiar.

David - Game Designer

Our sights are set on timeless games. Gems of the past, reimagined to serve the users of the future. It's pretty cool.

Jochem - Game Developer

Our rocketship is fueled and ready for launch, are you looking for the ride of a lifetime? Send us you resumes and lets have a chat!